How Much Do Teenage Golf Caddies Make?

Golf Caddy On average, a teenage golf caddy can earn $100 to $120 carrying two bags for 18 holes, referred to as a “loop.” Assuming a “loop” takes around 4 hours, the hourly pay breaks down to $20-$30 per hour. However, the real money in caddying is in the tips.

Who is the highest paid Caddy on the PGA Tour?

  • Justin Thomas made Jimmy Johnson the highest-paid caddie in 2020 Much of a caddie’s financial success can be attributed to a player’s performance at tournaments. They generally receive 10% of the total prize money won by the golfers, and this might be the equation Justin Thomas and Jimmy Johnson are working around.

How much does a 15 year old golf caddy make?

How Much Does a Teenage Golf Caddy Get Paid? As a golf caddy, you can expect to earn somewhere between $10-$15 per hour.

Can a 15 year old be a golf caddy?

Being a teen golf caddy is a good fit for the school year, since teens can caddy on weekends whenever the course is open, and can caddy all week long when school is out for the summer.

Can you be a golf caddie at 16?

Some states permit caddies to work at a young age. Golf course managers or head pros will typically be college graduates — in their early 20s, at least — while other positions at courses may be filled by 18-year-old high school grads. The youngest workers you’re likely to find at a golf course will be caddies.

Can a 14 year old be a caddy?

At most places, caddies start at around age 14. However, some people may rather have more experienced or older caddies.

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Do caddies get paid cash?

Golf caddies make as much as $100 to $120 for four hours of work at golf & country clubs. They also receive tips on top of this pay – which can get as low as $20 or as high as 50 percent of the amount they receive from the club as wages.

How much do teenage golf caddies make a week?

On average, they may end up working around 4-5 hours per day, which is good for about $60-120 per day. If they work every day, that would be $300-600 per week. However, most teenage caddies are not likely to work that many consistent hours because they are usually available on an “as needed” basis.

Is it hard to get a caddy job?

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Get started by signing up to be a caddie at a local golf course. Most of them have caddie masters who match caddies with players, and will tell you the requirements for carrying a bag there.

Is being a caddy a good job?

If you are a high school student looking for a great job that pays well, does not require 40 hours a week, and provides life lessons, caddying might be the best job for a high school student. Caddying is a great job for high school students because: Caddies often earn free golf at the course they caddy.

How much does a golf caddy make?

How much do pro caddies make? A caddie on the PGA Tour receives a base salary — usually around $1,000 to $2,000 — to cover travel expenses. He will earn 5% of the winnings if his golfer finishes outside of the top 10 and 7% of the winnings for a top-10 finish.
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What do teen caddies do?

Caddies are expected to track their player’s ball, rake the sand traps, tend the flagstick and give yardages and advice if the player asks. Over time, young caddies learn to read the speed and break of the greens and the yardages from various places on the course to the front, middle and back of each green.

How do I get a job as a caddy?

Qualifications for a golf caddy job do not include formal education, but they instead focus on experience and knowledge of golf. Many job candidates get both through work as a groundskeeper at a golf course. This gives you opportunities to network and find temporary employment at scrambles or tournaments.

What jobs pay the most at 16?

High-paying jobs for teens

  1. Cashier. National average salary: $10.55 per hour.
  2. Actor. National average salary: $11.00 per hour.
  3. Sales associate. National average salary: $11.06 per hour.
  4. Server. National average salary: $11.42 per hour.
  5. Caddy.
  6. Lifeguard.
  7. Retail merchandiser.
  8. Landscape laborer.

What is the highest paying job for a 12 year old?

Babysitting. Your 12 year old can also work as a babysitter to earn extra money, according to child labor laws. Entertainment work. If you have a young actor or singer in your home, they can legally use their talents to earn money as an actor or singer in movies, TV shows, radio, and on stage.

What jobs can u get at 13?

List of 13 great jobs for 13-year-olds

  • Babysitter. Babysitting is a fantastic job for 13-year-olds.
  • Lawn mower or gardener. If your 13-year-old loves spending time outside, working as a lawn mower or gardener is a fantastic option.
  • Dog walker.
  • House or pet sitter.
  • Tutor.
  • Car washer.
  • Junior camp counselor.
  • Newspaper deliverer.

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