How Important Is Shoulder Turn In Golf?

The importance of this move cannot be overstated. A full turn of the shoulders can have a positive chain reaction throughout the rest of your golf swing – it will keep your chest and arms connected, and you’ll also generate greater width in your backswing.

How important is the shoulder turn in the golf swing?

One of the things I’ve noticed about amateur golfers is that a lot of them struggle to gain distance. Many people also try to use their arms to generate club head speed and distance. Not only that, but shoulder rotation can help keep a club on plane as well.

Can you have too much shoulder turn in golf swing?

The majority of amateur golfers I see tend to get the shoulders too flat at some point in their golf swing. When the shoulders get too much angled toward the ground, it can cause the club to also be steep and result in early extension, fat shots, slices and more erratic shots.

What happens if you don’t turn in golf?

A failure to rotate your hips properly can result in pushing or pulling the ball and inconsistent strikes on the club. You must continually rotate your hips throughout the entirety of your swing and in order to do this you can’t sway them. The more efficiently you rotate your body, the better.

What does it mean to be on plane in golf?

An on plane golf swing means that the golf club has remained on plane during the back swing, down swing and through the impact zone. It can be best identified when the butt of the club faces the target during the down swing and will create a straight shot if the club head points straight at the target at impact.

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Should right shoulder be lower than left golf swing?

The right shoulder will sit lower than the left due to how we hold the club. Once the right shoulder is sitting lower than the left, the club will be able to move on the correct swing path in both the backswing and downswing.

Does a wider stance help in golf?

A stance just wider than your shoulders: Gives you a stable platform over which you can turn your upper body. Encourages your hips to stay level throughout the swing; the left hip is likely to drop when your stance is too narrow, causing mis-hit shots.

How far should you bend over in golf swing?

Spine Bend Your body’s forward bend toward the ball is crucial. More important, however, is the amount of bend. Most amateurs bend over far too much; my recommendation is to err on the tall side. If a number must be assigned to the amount of forward bend, I’d use 25 degrees from vertical.

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