How Far Should I Be Able To Throw Disc Golf?

A seasoned disc golfer with average power will generally max-out around 400 feet/122 meters at most.

How far can the average person throw a Frisbee?

It depends on the person’s skill and age. I play regularly in a disc golf league of about three dozen players, and most players can drive about 300 to 325 feet when they have to. The advanced players can throw upwards of about 375, and there may be two or three that can reach 400 or more.

How far can Paige Pierce throw drive a disc?

Just don’t bet on that happening anytime soon. Pierce boasts the driving distance (upwards of 500 feet ) to thrive on wide-open courses, the technical ability to win in wooded environments and the accuracy to sink putts from seemingly impossible lengths.

Can you throw a disc to hard?

Throwing Too Hard is a disease which can infect good players of the game, but it usually attacks beginners and intermediates, as they struggle to properly understand the game, their discs, and themselves, with an ever-improving but inconsistent ability.

What is a Hyzer Flip?

A Hyzer Flip is very similar to an S-Shot but follows a straighter line. An understable disc is thrown very fast with a hyzer angle of release. The disc turns or “flips” up and brings its nose down in the process. This allows for a long straight glide.

What is the longest disc golf throw?

Lizotte set the world record for longest throw of a disc golf disc on October 27, 2014 at 863.5 ft (263.2 m). This beat David Wiggins Jr.’s previous record of 836 ft set in 2012.

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How far can an intermediate disc golfer throw?

So try to gauge your distance and find out how far you can actually throw. Because the average intermediate disc golfer is throwing around 300 feet. So you might be doing better than you think. But if you’re still struggling with distance, we’ve got your back.

How far should a speed 7 disc go?

Speed 6-7 can go much further then 300, 450-500 in top pro power hands.

What speed disc should I use?

Disc golf throws generally fall into three categories and recommended disc speeds: Putts usually use low speed discs to maximize accuracy. Approaches and midrange shots usually use medium speed discs to balance speed and accuracy. Drives usually use higher speed discs to maximize distance.

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