How Does Pub Golf Work?

Pub golf or bar golf is a recreational drinking game involving a selection of either nine or eighteen pubs (Public House/Bar), creating a “course” to be played by two or more people. It is essentially a pub crawl made into a game. Unlike the actual game of golf, pub golf involves no ball or fairway.

What are the rules for pub golf?

Rules for Pub Golf

  • Do your research – pick your nine pubs (preferably golf themed)
  • One drink per bar. Once you’re finished mark it off your card.
  • Each drink/gulp/swig counts of said drink counts as a “shot”
  • The Player with the lowest score after the nine “holes” wins.

How many rounds are in a pub in golf?

As we have already discussed, a pub golf outing consists of nine or eighteen holes. Each hole is of course a pub.

Do you play golf in pub golf?

Pub golf is a fun social activity which takes the best elements of dressing up and going on a pub crawl and adds in just a hint of golf. In fact, the golfing element only really comes into play in the way that you choose the “holes” you will cover and the par on each of them.

How do I get good at pub golf?

Choose a smaller group of pub golfers if needs be – to ensure the game is more fun – and ultimately safer. Know Your Limits – As with any pub crawl, it’s important you know your limits. Drink responsibly and always ensure friends or family members are on hand to take you home if needs be.

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Do you have to dress up for pub golf?

Pub Golf Shirt: Every pub golf player needs an appropriate pub shirt. Polo shirts are generally the shirt of choice for pub golf. And, it is consider sportsman like to wear a shirt that is loud and proud in colour and pattern.

How do you play pub in cricket?

A basic version is described in the 1966 AA Book of the Road. Taking it in turns during a journey, one player bats. This means he looks for pubs which the car passes. When one is found he gets a run (point) for each physical leg possessed by the subject of the title of the pub.

What is a par in pub golf?

The par number represents how many drinks/sips/gulps it should take to complete the drink assigned. Therefore, in the example given, at hole 5, if the pint of beer is completed in 4 drinks, the person drinking that pint is awarded a par.

How many pubs are in a pub crawl?

A pub crawl in December is called the ” 12 pubs of Christmas” in which participants try to drink one drink in 12 pubs while wearing Christmas clothes.

How do you make a pub golf scorecard?

Pub Golf Scorecard is a simple online generator to help you create your own pub golf scorecard in just a few clicks!

  1. Choose your pub crawl name. Pub crawl name.
  2. Enter the pubs and drinks on your course. Pub name Drink Par.
  3. Enter the rules of your course. Some examples include.
  4. Generate your scorecard. Generate Scorecard PDF.
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How do you play the drinking game golf?

When one thinks he has the lowest hand, he “knocks”, and the remaining players have one more turn to better their hands. Cards are revealed and the lowest wins. If the player who knocks wins, the remaining players drink sips equaling the difference of their score and the winners.

What is beer golf?

Beer Golf is a game designed to enhance the enjoyment of beer by incorporating golf scoring terms with the amount of beer drank. The objective of the game is to drink a determined amount of beer in the fewest number of “strokes”. Each hole the golfer will “shoot” to the birdie hole.

What are good drinking rules?

You can customise them as you wish, but here are the standard rules:

  • No swearing.
  • No saying the word “drink”.
  • No calling anyone by their name.
  • No pointing (with your finger or thumb).
  • Everyone has to drink with their ‘weaker’ hand (so if you’re left-handed, you have to drink with your right).

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