Chart How To Measure Golf Club Length?

  • The chart below shows the recommended length of a golf club using the head-to-toe height of a golfer. There are disparities in using the height alone as a measure for golf club length adjustment. For the measurements to be more accurate and diverse, combine the height measurement with the wrist-to-toe measurements.

How do you measure the length of a golf club?

A 48” golf club ruler is placed along the backside of the club with the tip of the rule touching the ground by the club’s heel. The final length is measured at the edge of the grip cap (and not the very top). This method is used in all cases except putters that the shaft is not located at the heel.

How long should your golf clubs be?

Have a friend or the salesman measure the distance from your wrists to the floor. This is the length of the
golf shaft you will need. The average male has a measurement of 43 inches. Depending on your arm length and height, this may vary but it should be around that number.

What is the standard club length?

Many years ago, the standard club length for drivers was 43”. Today it is 45”, and some manufacturers have even gone to 45 1/2” as their norm.

Does golf club length matter?

When it comes to golf clubs, size does matter. While correct golf club size can help you become a better golfer and make the game more enjoyable, inaccurate club length will have the exact opposite effect.

How do you know if your golf clubs are too long?

5 Signs Your Golf Clubs are Too Long

  1. You need to stand up almost completely straight while holding the club.
  2. You can’t move your lower body while swinging the golf club.
  3. You keep hitting the ball with the golf club’s toe.
  4. The ball tends to veer off to the left or too high when hit by the club.
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Why are golf clubs different lengths?

As a club is longer (as well as lighter), then it can be swung faster up to a limit. The increased length provides greater leverage and speed to hit the
ball further if solid contact is to be made. Shorter clubs are designed not for length, but rather precision.

What length irons should I get?

The following lists what length of shafts you should consider for certain heights. If the crease where your wrist and hand meet to the floor is: 29 to 32 inches = irons should be based on a 5-iron of 37 inches. 33 to 34 inches = irons should be based on a 5-iron of 37 1/2 inches.

How does Taylormade measure club length?

In the past, we measured overall club length using a method referred to as the “pin length.” Moving forward, we will be using the measurement method known as “ground plane.” The ground plane method is the closest method to an industry standard and is the preferred measurement method of the USGA.

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