Who Manufactures Precise Golf Clubs? (Best solution)

  • Who is the manufacturer of Precise golf clubs? Precise Golf, formerly known as Tartan Sports, is the firm that is responsible for the Precise golf club line. Tartan and Aspire are two of the company’s other brands. Their vision was to produce a masterpiece of golf clubs, and they were successful in their endeavor.

Is precise a good golf brand?

Precision golf clubs are ideal for golfers who are just starting out or who have a high handicap. These clubs are normally sold as a whole set, which includes the bag and all of the necessary accessories. With the exception of this one flaw, the Precise clubs are a very solid decision for golfers to make.

What brand is precise?

Precise Golf, formerly known as Tartan Sports, has been providing services to clients since 1987. Precise Golf began as a small golf cart distributor and has now expanded to sell a complete array of golf clubs, carts, bags, and accessories, among other things. The company’s products are well-liked both within the United States and worldwide.

Is precise M5 a good golf brand?

The fact that it properly covers the space between your 3 wood and the missing 4 iron makes it a fantastic club to have in your bag once again. As a bonus, this long iron is far more forgiving than a traditional long iron. When it comes to irons, the Precise M5 men’s golf club set includes irons numbers 5-9.

Is strata Callaway?

There is some disagreement about whether or not Strata is genuinely manufactured by Callaway. They aren’t, according to what we’ve discovered thus far. Callaway is simply the company that distributes them. However, on a good note, Callaway is extremely protective of its golf brand, as well as the great golf clubs that are linked with it.

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Does aspire make good golf clubs?

You do not have to spend a fortune in order to obtain high-quality clubs. This full, pre-packaged set of incredibly high-quality clubs from Aspire includes exactly everything you’ll need to get started on the golf course. In this complete 19-piece package, you’ll get everything from woods to hybrids to irons to wedges to a putter and, yes, even a top-of-the-line upright golf bag.

What is the difference between Strata Plus and Strata ultimate?

When compared to the Callaway Strata Plus set, the Callaway Strata Ultimate includes an additional hybrid club (a 4 hybrid). In any case, these sets are intended for novices who will not have the talent or swing speed necessary to notice a significant difference between the 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid.

Who owns Topflite golf balls?

The Top-Flite Golf Company is a completely owned subsidiary of the Callaway Golf Company and is the world’s largest golf ball producer, with annual sales exceeding $1 billion. It was the first company in the United States to manufacture golf balls, dimpled golf balls, two-piece golf balls, multi-layer golf balls, and American-made golf clubs.

Are Callaway Strata clubs graphite?

Is the graphite in Callaway Strata clubs? Steel is used in the construction of all Callaway Strata irons and wedges. The driver and fairway wood in the 12 piece set are steel shafted, whilst the woods and driver in the 14 and 16 piece sets are graphite shafted.

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