What Size Women’S Golf Clubs Do I Need? (Solved)

Chart for the length of women’s golf clubs

4-9 6-1+
34″ +1.75″ +1.25″
34″ +1.25″ +1″
33″ +0.75″ +0.5″
32″ +0.5″ +0.25″


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What size golf clubs should I get for my height?

The ratio of every 6″ of height to length should result in a 1″ variation in length, and there should be a 1 12″ difference between their 5-irons based on this formula. For example, 36.5″ for the woman and 38″ for the gentleman (or 36.75″ / 38.25″) are appropriate measurements.

How long should Ladies golf clubs be?

Lengths that are considered standard: (known as the mid-irons.) Taking the 9-iron through the pitching, sand, and gap wedge, the length is reduced to 36-inches total. (These are referred as as short-irons.) In general, women’s iron sets are one inch shorter than men’s iron sets, with the normal length for women being 43 inches.

What size golf clubs should a 5 foot woman use?

Select appropriate club lengths based on your height. Typically, a females driver is 43 inches in length, which is appropriate for a golfer who is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What height are ladies golf clubs made for?

What is the maximum height at which women’s golf clubs are designed? Women’s clubs are not only lighter in weight than men’s clubs, but they are also shorter. Most of the time, they are made for golfers who stand between 5’5″ and 5’9″ tall.

How do I know what size golf clubs I need?

All you need to know about yourself is your height in order to select golf clubs that are the proper fit. It is recommended that you use the normal length golf clubs if your height is between 5’9″ and 6’0″ (1.5 m 23 cm and 1.8 m), else you should use the short length golf clubs. The length of your clubs will depend on your height, which should be greater than 6 ft (1.8 m).

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How do you size golf clubs chart?

In what length irons should I invest my money?

  1. Add 2 inches for 7ft 0″ – 6ft 9″
  2. 6ft 9″ – 6ft 6″ – 1.5 inches for 6ft 6″
  3. 6ft 3″ – 6ft 0″ – 0.5 inches for 6ft 0″ – 5ft 9″
  4. 6ft 0″ – 5ft 9″ – Standard Length
  5. 6ft 0″ – 5ft 9″ – Standard Length 5ft 9″ – 5ft 6″ – subtract 0.5′′
  6. 5ft 6″ – 5ft 3″ – subtract 1′′
  7. 5ft 3″ – 5ft 0″ – subtract 1.5′′
  8. 5ft 9″ – 5ft 0″ – subtract 1.5′′

How do you choose womens golf clubs?

Women’s golf clubs are simpler to swing when the weight of the club is concentrated around the perimeter of the club. Seek out irons that are lower in weight and simpler to manipulate. In order to create club-head speed during impact, the lighter the clubs, the better the performance. Many female golfers find it more difficult to produce clubhead speed when using heavier clubs.

How do I buy my wifes golf clubs?

Women should select golf clubs with the assistance of a knowledgeable salesperson or a local golf professional. For the purposes of a round of golf, a golfer is restricted to using a maximum of 14 clubs, which are defined by the PGA (Professional Golf Association).

Are golf Girl clubs good?

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Everything you’ll need for a perfect women’s set is included!!! Wow! Next, the clubs are extremely well-weighted, suit my 5’2″ wife, and have a high loft, low weight (thanks to light graphite shafts), women’s flex shafts, and a short length to properly maximize a woman golfer’s swing, all of which are important features.

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How long is a women’s 5 iron?

Irons are commonly available in a standard length. The same is true for graphite golf irons, with the conventional lengths for a 1 iron measuring 40 inches, a 5 iron measuring 38 inches, and a 9 iron measuring 36 inches, respectively. The standard length measurement for women’s irons is one inch shorter than the standard length measurement for men’s irons. This is true for both steel and graphite irons.

How do I know if my golf clubs are the right size?

Most of the time, appropriate club length in irons is established by a series of measures that take into consideration the player’s height, arm length, and swing posture. This is especially true with the driver. It goes without saying that a player who is exceedingly tall would not profit from utilizing golf clubs that were made for a player who is significantly shorter, and vice versa for that matter.

What are the most forgiving womens golf clubs?

To improve your game, get the best women’s golf irons sets that are forgiving.

  • Women’s iron sets from Callaway Golf include the 2020 Mavrik Max iron set, the TaylorMade Golf M6 women’s iron set, the Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max one-length golf iron set, the Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue iron set, the XXIO 2020 Women’s Eleven Bordeaux iron set, and the Titleist T300 iron set.

What are the best ladies golf clubs?

Golf Equipment for Women | Women’s Golf Clubs at the Lowest Prices

  • Cobra Women’s Fly-XL Complete Set
  • Callaway REVA 11-Piece Complete Set
  • Wilson Magnolia Ladies Set
  • Ben Sayers Ladies M8 Package Set
  • TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Set Package
  • MacGregor Ladies DCT3000 Golf Package Set
  • Callaway Solaire Ladies Package Set
  • Ping G Le2 Combo Iron Set
  • Wilson Magnolia Ladies Set Package
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Can ladies use junior golf clubs?

;Cobra Women’s Fly-XL Complete Set. ;Callaway REVA 11-piece Complete Set. ;Wilson Magnolia Ladies Set. ;Ben Sayers Ladies M8 Package Set. ;TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Set Package. ;MacGregor Ladies DCT3000 Golf Package Set.;Ping G Le2 Combo Iron Set.;Ping G Le2 Combo Iron Set.;Ping G Le2 Combo Iron Set.;Ping

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