How To Tell If Golf Clubs Are Fake? (Correct answer)

How to Spot Fake Golf Clubs in the First Place

  1. A strong rubber odor, such as that of a swimming pool float or a bicycle tire, may be present. When the club is sitting at address, it is possible that the logos on the grips are not correctly aligned. Many times, when there is a brand logo, the paint fill will be visible and the typography will be somewhat different.

How can you tell if TaylorMade golf clubs are fake?

The hosel of each wood and the 5-iron or 7-iron (depending on the model) in each pair of irons of authentic TaylorMade golf clubs are stamped with a serial number to identify them as such. If your club does not contain a serial number, it is possible that it is not a genuine TaylorMade product.

Are fake golf clubs a thing?

One thing that the world’s largest golf equipment makers can agree on is that counterfeit clubs are harmful for both the customer and the business. It was for this reason that Acushnet, Callaway-Odyssey, Ping, PXG, and TaylorMade joined up in 2004 to establish an organization whose mission would be to discover and destroy bogus club businesses across the world.

Does global golf sell fakes?

At GlobalGolf, we go through a rigorous procedure to identify and eradicate counterfeit clubs, ensuring that our clients always get authentic items. Many of the counterfeit clubs have lettering that is distinct from the lettering used by the legitimate clubs.

Are my Callaway irons fake?

Check the hosel of the club, which is the portion of the shaft that connects the clubhead to the shaft. The hosel is stamped with a serial number by Callaway. Genuine Callaway serial numbers are imprinted on the product in a visible manner with consistent digits. Forgeried clubs may have been manufactured without a serial number or may have a serial number that is crooked.

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Are TaylorMade clubs made in China?

TaylorMade has been manufacturing its golf clubs and golf balls in China ever since that time. Some golf clubs, on the other hand, are assembled in the United States. At the moment, all of their golf clubs are deemed to be made lawfully in China by the company.

How good are knock off golf clubs?

Is Buying Fake Golf Clubs a Good Investment? If you acquire the appropriate knock off clubs, they will be well worth your money. Some categories of golfers should avoid clone clubs in general, and clone clubs in particular. If you have a lower handicap, you will find that the clone golf clubs do not provide the performance or quality that you require in your game.

Where can I find the serial number on my golf clubs?

The hosel of each wood club, as well as the 5-iron or 7-iron (depending on the model) in each pair of irons, are all marked with a serial number to ensure that they are authentic. If your club does not contain that serial number, it is possible that it is not authentic.

Are golf clubs on Aliexpress real?

They are all forgeries.

How do I check my Ping serial number?

Locate the serial number on the Ping club that will be used for the verification. In the case of irons, the serial number is located on the hosel. It varies from model to model where the serial number is located on woods; nevertheless, it is frequently found next to the numerals that indicate the degree of loft.

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Can I Trust GlobalGolf?

Locate the serial number on the Ping club that will be used for the verification procedure. The serial number of an iron may be found on the hosel of the iron. It varies from model to model where the serial number is located, however it is typically found around the numerals that indicate how much loft is present.

Is GlobalGolf a trusted website?

Verify the legitimacy of the firm that is offering the product or service. In addition to Callaway and TaylorMade’s own websites devoted to the sale of used clubs and discontinued models, there are numerous very renowned large online merchants in the internet discount club sector, such as and, that specialize in golf club sales.

Who owns GlobalGolf?

In 2001, GlobalGolf founder Ed Byman formed a highly regarded golf industry team with an original proposal to build a market for these previously owned golf clubs. The team’s goal was to develop a market for these previously owned golf clubs. Because of its extensive network of industry contacts around the country, over time the team established itself as a reliable liquidation alternative for trade-in items.

Is Callaway made in China?

Callaway Golf club components, as well as clothing and other equipment, are all made in China, including the clubs themselves. The final 60 percent of the balance is completed in Asia for distribution around the world. According to the most recent news from Callaway, the assembly will now be located in Monterey, Mexico. The distribution center has been moved from Carlsbad to Dallas for the time being.

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Why do golf clubs have serial numbers?

A unique serial number is used by Callaway Golf to identify its clubs in an effort to deter counterfeiters and clone producers while also protecting the general public that plays golf.

What is a hosel golf?

To define hosel, think of a socket in the head of a golf club into which the shaft of the club is put.

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