How Much Is It To Fedex Golf Clubs? (Perfect answer)

FedEx vs. UPS for shipping golf clubs: Which is better?

Carrier Service Level Price
FedEx 2 Day Shipping $336.39
FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping $433.18
Ship Sticks Ground Shipping $74.99
Ship Sticks 3 Day Express Shipping $89.99

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Can you tell me how much FedEx charges for delivering golf clubs?

  • When delivering golf clubs, what is the cost to FedEx?

How much does it cost to ship a golf club USPS?

Retail Ground delivery by the United States Postal Service costs $104 and takes eight days. Regular Priority Mail would take four days and cost $124, and it would be delivered. Priority Mail Express can deliver your clubs in three days for $285 and can deliver them anywhere in the world. The cheapest choice for shipping golf clubs in three to four days is UPS, which is the fastest and most affordable when speed and price are considered.

What is the cheapest way to ship a golf club?

USPS. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is most certainly the most cost-effective method of shipping clubs. Check out our rate calculator right away to find out. One advantage of utilizing the United States Postal Service is that they give free Priority Mail Cardboard Mailing Tubes for golf equipment.

How do I pack my golf clubs with FedEx?

To ship your clubs by FedEx, we recommend simply placing them in your travel bag the same way you would if you were flying with them and adding the FedEx label to the bag. Golf clubs, skis, and fishing poles have all been used in this manner with remarkable success.

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What’s the best way to ship a golf club?

Wrap your club (or clubs) with bubble wrap to keep them from bouncing around during shipment. Increased bubble wrap on each club can assist to minimize damage during shipment and transportation. After that, secure the bubble wrap in place with packing tape before packing the clubs and bags inside the shipping box.

Is Ship Sticks cheaper than FedEx?

Ship Sticks, on the other hand, provides rates that are up to 60% less expensive than going via FedEx directly.

How can I ship my golf clubs without a bag?

FedEx Ground Shipping Options Shipping golf clubs with FedEx Ground inside the United States is frequently less than $100 per shipment. If you send clubs without a box, you will be charged an additional $11 handling fee. Keep in mind that ground delivery inside the United States might take up to four days. FedEx International Economy takes up to five business days to deliver packages worldwide.

Will USPS ship golf clubs?

Is it possible to transport golf clubs via the United States Postal Service? Yes, it is possible. Ship Sticks, on the other hand, provides prices that are up to 60% less expensive than going via the USPS directly.

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs UPS ground?

The cost of mailing golf equipment using UPS’s 3 Day Select delivery was $250. Shipment for two days and overnight shipping cost $360 and $444, respectively, for the two-day option. The quickest delivery option is Next Day Air Early AM, which costs $480 and is the most expensive.

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What size box do I need to ship golf clubs?

Boxes 38″ x 6″ x 5″ are often large enough to accommodate single putters, wedges, and shorter irons (USPS medium tube box). Single drivers, woods, and long putters can be made by taping two boxes together. Make careful you trim the box down to the proper height so that the club does not move. FedEx also offers a 50-inch golf club tube for $14.99, which you can get online.

How much do airlines charge for golf clubs?

You may check your golf bag for free and use it as a carry-on, or you can check another bag and use your golf bag as a carry-on. Several other airlines charge between $25 and $50 for checked luggage, and they have tight weight and size restrictions, making it prohibitively expensive to transport numerous sets.

How much does it cost to bring golf clubs on Southwest?

Regarding the golf club “Golf clubs will be accepted in lieu of one of the two complimentary pieces of checked luggage at no additional fee if the bag does not weigh more than 50 pounds,” according to the airline.

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