Where To Find Model Number On Ezgo Golf Cart? (Perfect answer)

For these particular EZGO golf cart models, the serial number and manufacturer’s number may be discovered on a plaque that can be found in the glove compartment on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

How do I find out what year my EZGO golf cart is?

The final two digits of the EZGO manufacturer’s code represent the model year (cart’s age) for all EZ-GOs built between 1979 and the present day. For example, if the final two digits of your EZ-GO manufacturer’s code are “93,” you have an EZ-GO Marathon from the year 1993 on your hands.

Do EZGO golf carts have VIN numbers?

It is critical to know and identify the serial number of your golf cart when scheduling service or obtaining components for it (VIN). Similarly to a car, each cart is identified by a unique serial number, and by knowing what this number is, you can identify what sort of cart it is, what year it was manufactured, and what power supply it is equipped with.

What are the different models of EZGO golf carts?

Models of EZGO golf carts are listed below.

  • Golf cart models manufactured by EZGO.

What if my golf cart doesnt have a VIN number?

VIN numbers are not utilized on standard golf carts since this sort of vehicle identification is only used on road cars, not on golf carts. If you have a bespoke cart that is road-ready, you are obliged by law to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to it.

What model is the EZGO valor?

E-Z-GO Valor® EX1 Gasoline Vehicles in 2021 The E-Z-GO® Valor® golf cart, which is powered by the all-new EX1 closed-loop EFI gas engine or a 48V DC powertrain, has the adaptability and freedom to be customized to your specific lifestyle needs. Whatever your next excursion may be, the Valor is the ideal way to take in the sights and sounds of the world around you.

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What is the difference between EZGO valor and TXT?

While there may be a slight variation in length between the two versions – the RXV is somewhat longer – it is not enough to distinguish between the two without being told the difference exists. The RXV is, on the other hand, significantly shorter than the TXT, measuring 45.7 inches overall across all three models without a roof and 70 inches overall with a roof.

Are ezgo golf carts good?

EZGO golf carts are well-designed, feature a steel frame, and are extremely long-lasting. Replacement and aftermarket components for EZGO golf carts are reasonably priced and easy to locate and purchase. In addition to providing a pleasant ride, the EZGO offers a wide range of choices and upgrades that may transform a simple cart into the electric vehicle you require.

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