How Long Is A Limo Golf Cart? (Best solution)

The distance between the driver’s seat and the back tires on most golf carts is around eight feet on average between the two.
What is the maximum height of golf carts?

Golf Cart Height in Feet Height in Inches
6 Inch Lifted Precedent 6.41 77
Club Car XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo 6.41 77

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  • The normal golf cart measures around 4 feet wide by approximately 8 feet long, with a height of approximately 6 feet. Yamaha Drive Golf Car 91′′ 44′′ Yamaha Drive Golf Car with Back Seat 108′′ 44′′ Yamaha Drive Golf Car with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat with Back Seat

What is the length of a standard golf cart?

Golf carts are typically four feet broad and eight feet long, with a wheelbase of around four feet. Most golf carts with typical equipment will measure around six feet in height and weigh 1,000 pounds, according to industry standards. Remember that limousine carts can be up to four feet longer than standard carts, so make sure you have the storage space you need for them!

What is the length of a 4 seater golf cart?

The Standard Dimensions of a Golf Cart According to industry standards, the average four-seater golf cart is approximately 5.5 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 4 feet broad.

What is the length and width of a golf cart?

For a normal 2 seat golf cart, the usual golf cart measurements are around 92 x 48 x 75 inches in size. Since golf carts may accommodate many passengers, the length of different models will differ the most.. More seats added to a cart will increase the length of the cart, but only a little amount will be added to the width and height.

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What is the smallest size golf cart?

The SX-3 is lightweight and compact, weighing only 303 pounds and folding down to only 28 inches in length. Despite being just 32 inches wide, this Cricket little golf cart model is small enough to fit beneath any RV camper or on a golf cart carrier platform.

Will a golf cart fit in a 6 foot bed?

Whether a golf cart will fit in the bed of a truck is a scary topic when it comes to moving one, but the quick answer is that it will. Even better, a good transportation truck should have a bed that is approximately four feet wider between the tires and wells – this will ensure that your golf cart will fit comfortably inside the truck.

Will a golf cart fit on a 4X8 trailer?

The standard-sized cart measures 4 feet wide by 8 feet in length and is 4 feet high. As a result, if you have a regular golf cart, it will be difficult to transport it in a 4X8 trailer. That is to say, you will need a larger trailer, say 5X9 feet or larger, in order to transport a regular golf cart.

How long is a golf cart with a rear seat?

The usual length of a two-passenger golf cart is approximately 8 feet, or 96 inches in circumference. Golf carts with many rows of seating or storage space for freight and equipment are also available on the market in lengthier configurations.

Will golf cart fit in bed of truck?

Is it possible to fit a golf cart in the bed of a pickup truck? The beds of the most majority of full-size pickup trucks are 4-feet wide between the wheel wells, according to the manufacturer. Therefore, a typical size golf cart should potentially be able to accommodate the rear of your pickup vehicle. The ability to close the tailgate on long bed pickup trucks is a luxury that not all drivers can enjoy.

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How long is a Yamaha golf cart?

The average golf cart is around four feet wide, eight feet long, and six feet high, depending on the model.

How tall is a jacked up golf cart?

In most cases, long journey kits are available in raise heights of 6″, 7″, and 8″ – these kits are commonly referred to as Extreme Duty Golf Cart Lift Kits.

What size trailer do I need to haul a golf cart?

The ordinary golf cart may be transported on an enclosed trailer of 5 x 10 feet. Any size that is lower than this increases the likelihood of harm to the cart. If you want to use your cart to transport more items, you should consider purchasing a 6X10 covered trailer at the very least. This size will allow you to carry a heavier load while still having enough of room.

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