Where Are Srixon Golf Clubs Made? (Correct answer)

Srixon’s ultra-modern manufacturing plant in Japan is responsible for the production of the company’s extensive line of popular Srixon golf balls. The company also has a number of manufacturing facilities in Asia and the United States, in addition to its golf ball manufacturing facility.

  • Srixon Golf Clubs Are Made in Japan
  • Srixon is a Japanese firm that makes golf clubs in the country of Japan. Srixon’s main offices are in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, and the company exports its products all over the world.

Are Srixon irons made in Japan?

Consider the following examples: While Mizuno and Srixon irons are manufactured in Japan, what about their woods and Mizuno’ a wedges?

Are Srixon and Cleveland the same company?

A sports equipment brand owned by SRI Sports Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., which also owns Dunlop Sport, Srixon is a well-known name in the sports equipment industry. Cleveland Golf was bought by SRI Sports in October 2007, and it was announced the following year that the Srixon activities will be integrated with those of Cleveland Golf.

What company makes Srixon clubs?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. owns the Srixon brand, which is a trademark of the company. A complete line of golf clubs, golf balls, and accessories is available from Srixon, which is supplied in practically all major golf markets throughout the world. Srixon is committed to helping you improve your game.

Is Srixon a Japanese brand?

A subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., Srixon is a firm owned by SRI Sports Limited, which is a subsidiary of SRI Sports Limited. Located in Japan, this company is a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Group. The majority of the time, they created tyres and other rubber items before technological advancements allowed for more efficient production of its golf balls.

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Do any pros use Srixon?

Many players on the PGA TOUR, including Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry, Cameron Champ, and others, have placed their confidence in Srixon equipment over the years. A major reason why the finest golfers in the world pick Srixon golf clubs is because of the remarkable performance that these golf clubs deliver on the course.

What golf clubs are made in Japan?

Over the years, a number of important golf brands and corporations have arisen from Japan, including Mizuno, Srixon, Honma, and other notable names.

Who makes the Kirkland golf ball?

Detailed information on the Costco Kirkland Performance+ Injection-molded urethane covers the three-piece ball, which features 338 dimples. Qingdao SM Parker, which manufactures the Performance+, is based in China. Additionally, the business, which was previously known as the Fantom facility, manufactures ball for Cut.

Where is Srixon based?

In regards to the Kirkland Performance+ at Costco, Injection-molded urethane covers the three-piece ball, which has 338 dimples. China’s Qingdao SM Parker is responsible for the production of the Performance+. Additionally, the plant, which was once known as the Fantom facility, produces ball for the Cut company.

Is XXIO made by Srixon?

In its annual report, LTD (a subsidiary of Japan’s Sumitomo Rubber Industries – the SRI in Srixon – and the parent company of Srixon, Cleveland, and XXIO) asserts that the total golf market in North America increased last year.

What golf balls are made in China?

Golf ball manufacturers in China and its adjacent nations produce the majority of the world’s most popular golf ball brands such as Nike Golf, TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway.

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Are Srixon golf clubs any good?

The verdict is in: Srixon ZX5 iron. We’ve known for years that Srixon produces very high-quality forged irons. The springy, forged SUP10 face and 1° lower loft than the ZX7 delivered our test pro 4mph greater ball speed and 10 yards more carry distance with his 7-iron, demonstrating magnificently how much more distance fast-faced players irons can provide to the table on the golf course.

What golf brands does Dunlop own?

In addition to Dunlop, the Japanese firm has bought well-known golfing brands such as XXIO, Srixon, and Cleveland, resulting in a significant market share of some of the world’s largest golf club and ball manufacturers.

Are Cleveland golf clubs made in America?

The vast majority of people believe that all Cleveland golf clubs are manufactured in the United States, however there is a slight probability that they are actually manufactured overseas in China.

Is Ben Hogan a good brand?

Back in the day, Hogan was a big deal. “This is the most significant benefit we have: it is a fantastic brand,” White explains. “It’s everything that people have been expecting for years. ” It’s high-quality and exceptionally effective, yet it’s now available at an affordable price.”

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