How Much Are Warrior Golf Clubs Worth? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • What Are Warrior Golf Clubs Worth in Today’s Market? (This is a new, previously owned item!) A new set of Warrior golf clubs will cost you around the same as a new set of clubs from any other manufacturer. Take, for example, a set of irons, which may cost upwards of $500 or more in some cases. Additionally, you may anticipate to pay around $175 for wood, which includes shipping expenses. Warrior drivers are comparatively less expensive.

Are warrior custom golf clubs any good?

Warrior clubs do not rank among the highest in terms of quality. There are a number of different brands available on the market that offer high-quality, custom-made golf clubs at competitive prices.

Is Warrior Golf out of business?

Warrior Custom Golf, which operates a custom-golf fitting company and owns 15 golf facilities, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the early months of this year. The once-rapidly expanding corporation has been hampered by a money-losing golf course operation and a lien against one of its courses, among other problems.

Are old golf clubs worth anything?

Vintage golf clubs that are often found on the market nowadays are worth $10-$20. The identical club would have been worth $40-$50 if it had been purchased 10-15 years earlier. The demand was far stronger back then, particularly among overseas customers.

Who owns Warrior Custom Golf?

Vintage golf clubs are currently worth between $10 and $20 on the secondary market. It would have been worth $40-$50 to buy the same club 10-15 years ago. During that time period, demand was significantly higher, particularly among overseas investors.

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What is Patriot Golf Test Play Program?

The initiative enables you to test-drive some of our newest golf clubs in exchange for which we will provide you with a complimentary Patriot Golf Driver. We also run promotions that do not need any test plays, which will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the deal.

Are 60 year old golf clubs worth anything?

Old golf equipment is no different like antique furniture, fine wine, and Chinese porcelain in that it is often superior to new—and far more valuable. Many clubs that were manufactured as recently as the 1950s and 1960s are regarded “classics” today. For example, some are worth $1,000 each set, while the appropriate type of sand wedge might be worth $500 or more on its own.

What are the most valuable vintage golf clubs?

The Auction of the Century: The Most Expensive Golf Clubs Ever Sold

  1. In addition to the Andrew Dickson Putter ($181,000), the Simon-Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Blade Putter ($165,000) and the Square Toe Lined Iron Golf Club ($151,000) are also on the list. The Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition ($150,000) and the Long Nosed Scarped Golf Club ($91,000) round out the list.

What are the most valuable golf clubs?

The World’s Most Expensive Golf Clubs, Ranked From Most Expensive to Most Expensive

  • Among the more expensive clubs are the Honma Golf Five Star ($5,400), the Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control ($8,500), the Gemspot OM 5 Deluxe Diamond ($10,000), the Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Stainless Masters Winner ($20,000), the Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood ($49,000), and the Long Nose Scraped Golf Club ($91,000).

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